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Sunraysia Outdoor Blinds is pleased to offer you the following warranties on the blinds it sells.

The blind is warranted for two years from the date of manufacture to be free of defects in material or workmanship.

Any defect will be repaired or replaced, without charge, at Sunraysia Outdoor Blinds option.

Installation where offered by Sunraysia Outdoor Blinds will be warranted for two years to be free from defect. 

Exclusions under this warranty

  • Shrinkage -This is an inherent problem that is addressed in the user guidelines that have been supplied with your blinds and/or are available on this website.
  • Storm conditions - Blinds are not warranted when they are left down in winds exceeding 30 knots, or in hail conditions.
  • Clear PVC and Tint blinds over 4.0m wide are not to be covered by warranty against shrinkage or zip failure.
  • Milkish appearance due to water absorption in PVC.  Read user guidelines on this.

Extended warranty

For a period of 5 years Sunraysia Outdoor Blinds will warranty any blind the goes yellow or brittle in our opinion.  This warranty is pro-rata and is limited to the percentage of the warranty left.  e.g. If happens at 4years, 20% of blind cost will be refunded.  If happens at 3 years 40% of blind cost will be refunded.  We reserve the right to decide the validity of your warranty claim.  This warranty does not cover installation or taking down of the blinds.  Photographic evidence may be required.  Warranty starts at date of manufacture.

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