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Obtaining a Quote

Call us on 0428 512 692 for a free measure and quote.

Or measure the height at either end of the opening and the width at top and bottom.

Measure exactly to the millimetre.

Call us on 0428 512 692 and we will price the job on the phone.

Clear, Tint or solid colours

We offer both the tint is more expensive  Tint helps cut down the light passing through. Solid PVC (Full Block out) colours can be used for the total blind or part. Standard Colours are Ivory (Crème), Maroon and Dark Green. Non standard colours are additional, the non standard colours are teal, dark blue, black, gold, white, light blue and red.


Doorways can be put in the blinds . Doorways are charged per zipper. A doorway with one zipper shares the zip on the side of the blind. A doorway with two zippers is cut into the main body of the blind.

Wood, Metal, Masonry Structures

General we charge the standard installation price but we reserve the right on site inspection to charge additional for difficult work e.g. Structural steel and structural concrete. Very high jobs may also involve a scaffolding cost.

Pulley Kits

Pulley kits can be added to any blind. They add to the ease of rolling the blind up and down. Customer should be informed about two rope that obstruct vision.

Council Approval

No council approval is needed for domestic installation of this product. Some commercial jobs on street fronts may need to go through council.  We can help with this process.

Sloping rooflines

We can make the blinds to suit sloping rooflines. There is an additional cost and we will need to inspect and measure the site.



Sunraysia Outdoor Blinds   Free Measure and Quote Service 0428 512 692

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