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Clear PVC Blind Endorsement

:" I don't usually write endorsements for products ,in fact I have never done so before, but I have decided to make an exception in this case as I believe that  the product quality and installation standards demonstrated by Indoors Outdoors are of the highest standard.

I recently had substantial PVC café style curtains installed by Nigel Stevens, owner of Indoors Outdoors on the Northern aspect of my Pergola Verandah. In my lead up discussions with Nigel I stressed that the blinds would need to withstand powerful wind gusts that accompany any storm that approaches our home from the North West. In addition we also live in a category 2 wind area  so strong winds are common to the area.

Nigel's confidence in his product and his obvious dedication to providing quality materials and sound installation methods won us over.

We did not have long to wait to put every thing to the test.

Only a few days after installation a storm blew in providing the high wind gusts and strong rain typical of our area in winter. The blinds took quite a battering  but despite this kept out all wind and rain as expected. We were well pleased.

Then came the Monster Storm of Tuesday 30th August 2005. Do you remember where you were on that night?

Well I do. I lost count of the times I went outside in response to the incredible ferocity of that onslaught expecting not only the blinds to be torn to shreds but the balustrade of the pergola as well. That evening I spoke with Nigel to discuss the best option i.e. roll the blinds up and have every thing under the pergola blown to bits or risk that the blinds would hold. Nigel was still confident so we took the chance.

The next day I inspected the curtains and fittings. There was absolutely no sign of damage of any kind .The only indication of any kind of event was that some wood chip and leaves had blown in under the curtains. There was absolutely no damage to any of our plants, furniture etc .In my view that was an awesome testimony to the quality and installation standards demonstrated by the Indoors Outdoors company"


Geoff Rilling

13 Simpson Crt

Golden Grove



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