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User Guidelines and Care Instructions for Cafe Blinds

The following Steps will prolong the life of your blinds and keep them looking good.

  • Leave the blinds rolled down, with zips closed as much as possible.
  • Wash blinds regularly with warm water and add a little dish washing detergent a car sponge and chamois can be used, nothing abrasive should be used
  • Try to roll and unroll in warmest part of the day, this will mean the blinds are at their loosest width.
  • When rolling try to keep smooth and keep creases out, the blinds have a memory, sunlight will help remove any creases
  • Do not roll up when wet, if blinds appear white and milkish let the dry out and they will return to clear
  • When using hold up straps at top of blind make sure blind is not creased and release the pulley kit tension to minimize creasing

We recommend that you do not leave water pooled in the blinds for extended period of time as this can result in white milkish looking patches on blinds, these should disappear as the blind dries.  Our warranty does not cover this situation.

We recommend and sell Plexus Spray to rejuvenate Clear PVC Blinds.

Technical Info

Cafe Blinds are transparent, not reinforced, plastic film.  As with all plastic it expands and contracts significantly with changes in temperature.  Temperature also effects the flexibility of the film making it more difficult to operate when cold.  Due to it being a non reinforced film (unlike canvas or reinforced PVC's it expands and contacts more than these traditional blind materials.  The impact of expansion and contraction can be minimized by adopting the user guidelines above.


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